Other Licenses You Need to Start

Uncategorized Jun 24, 2019

Starting a food business is hard and can be really expensive. There are so many regulations and licenses and things you need to know about. I'm going to teach you about some of the licenses, regulations, and legal things that you need to do to set up your business for success and make your food business real. Today, we're going to talk about some of the other licenses that you need beyond your food licenses. My name is Sari Kimble and I'm the creator of Food Business Success. I help business entrepreneurs launch and grow successful, profitable businesses. If you haven't, yet, before you get started here, check out my other blog post about getting your food business set up.

There is no specific business license for a food business. So really, your business license is your tax license. So we're going to talk about sales tax licenses first. Food is an interesting category for a lot of states. Food falls into two categories, the first is ready to eat and the second is packaged food...

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Set Up Your Food Business Correctly

Uncategorized Jun 19, 2019

Starting a food business is hard. It can also be very expensive. There are so many licenses and regulations that you need to have just to get set up and ready to sell food. I'm here to help make your life easier and give you the step by step instructions of what you need to do to set up a legitimate food business. I'm Sari Kimbell and I am the founder of Food Business Success. And I'm a food industry consultant. I have helped hundreds of clients and food entrepreneurs just like you get their business started and launched as a legitimate profitable food business.

You have an idea for a food business. The first step is to set up your business legally and formally. And first thing you're going to need is a name, right? So think of a creative name. It's getting harder and harder these days to find names that aren't trademarked or don't already have the website domain taken. So do a little bit of homework and think through the name that you want for your business.

When you're doing...

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Should You Start a Packaged Food Business?


I bet you know that one delicious thing that you make the most - whether it's a jam, a salsa, a cookie, a Kombucha, a cupcake, or something else. People ask for it time and time again and you're the hit of the party when you bring it. So you might be asking yourself or everybody might be telling you that you should start that food business. You should turn your hobby, this delicious hobby into a food business. Well, I am going to give you four questions to ask yourself before you start and before you jump in, whether you should actually start that food business. 

If you are considering starting a food business, ask yourself these four questions before you spend another dime pursuing this dream. I'm Sari Kimbell. I'm the founder of Food Business Success and I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start and start and grow their profitable food businesses. A food business can be a very expensive hobby. And my goal is to help you avoid wasting time and money. Let's...

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