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About Me

Hello! It's nice to meet you!

My name is Sari Kimbell and I am a Consumer Packaged Food (CPG) Industry Expert. 

My passion is helping people start and grow successful packaged food and beverage businesses.

In 2009 I took a position I had no qualifications for on an organic farm in Colorado to create a small wholesale program to sell our produce, meat and eggs to restaurants and independent stores. Over two years, I built the business to be a significant part of the farm's revenue. Our brand was featured on menus and in stores throughout Colorado and Wyoming and my passion for local food was born.

After three years, I left the farm for Whole Foods Market. First as a buyer, then as local vendor success manager for the region, and then as the Marketing Director for the third highest grossing store in the Rocky Mountain Region. I won awards for growing sales, but my personal mission was to help local producers who worked so hard to get ON the shelves, get OFF the shelves into customers' baskets. This is how a small food brand thrives.


That's me in the farm fields in 2010 for an article in the local paper. ➡️ 

In 2015, I left Whole Foods Market. I wasn't exactly sure what my next step was. I managed a commissary kitchen and met so many passionate entrepreneurs who just wanted to get their product made, but had no idea what they were getting into and how to actually be profitable. 

After working with hundreds of food entrepreneurs just like you, I created Food Business Success® to help you feel confident and capable in your business. I give you a process that saves you time and money so you can get to the business of starting their dream. What if you never had to worry if you were doing it "right" again? 

The time is right for small producers. We need more products just like yours. 

Let's turn your delicious passion into a profitable food business!

~ Sari