Let's Launch Your Food Business!

Get the resources, accountability and expertise you need to become a profitable business with Food Business Success™  

Is This You

When you think about launching your food business into grocery stores or online?





Whether you are just in the idea phase or you are ready to move from a side hustle into a real business, you need an expert guide. Food Business Success. Success™ is here to help you avoid the mistakes so many entrepreneurs make, saving you time and money and even having fun in the process.

Launch Your Food Business into Stores and Online Marketplaces with Food Business Success™

  • Avoid hours researching food licensing and regulation requirements. 
  • Stop wasting money on services or products you don’t need.
  • Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars in scaling up costs.
  • Have the industry knowledge and business tools to set you up for success.
  • Identify what makes your product unique to stand out above your competition.
  • Know how to scale up your production into a kitchen or manufacturer the right way 

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Don't take my word for it. My clients love to tell you how much easier I made their lives and the money and time they saved.


"This has been the most amazing support system! Sari has helped me with so many helpful tools that have helped my kombucha idea grow into a real business. She has years of knowledge in the natural foods industry. This is the ONLY way to go if you are starting a food business!"

~ Rachael


“After two years and finally getting some traction after working with Sari, my biggest piece of advice is to seek out expert help sooner than later”

~ Brady


"I wish I had a course like this when I started my pickle business three years ago. Having an understanding of the industry I was a getting into, the rules and regulations around my product and just how much work would be involved to make a profit would have been gold."

~ Mykel

Scale with Confidence

You got this far and have a small food brand. Now what? Let's turn your passion into a sustainable business by selling online or getting onto local, regional and national shelves. 

Be Profitable Faster

Get all of my proven financial tools start your business right from the get-go so you can be profitable sooner. Don't assume you are making money. Have a path to profitability!

Create A Real Process

Together, we work through your unique business needs with ongoing one-on-one coaching and live Q&A calls to craft your roadmap for success and troubleshoot as issues come up (and they will). 

Hello! It's nice to meet you!

My name is Sari Kimbell and I am a food business specialist and also your coach and cheerleader through the Accelerator.

My passion is helping people start and grow successful food businesses.

I have over 12 years of experience in the food industry, including Whole Foods Market, helping people get food out of their kitchen and onto grocery and online shelves.

The time is right for small producers. New markets pop up every day with customers looking for artisan, hand crafted and locally-sourced food and drinks. 

Together, let's make your passion a profitable food business!

~ Sari  


Results are not guaranteed. Starting a profitable business is a result of the hard work you put in and market timing. Refund policy: no refunds are offered on the accelerator program. When you have an out, you might be tempted to give up instead of creating your dream business. Make a decision, commit and go all in. Email me at [email protected] with any questions.



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