Are you tired of feeling like your weekends at the market aren't yielding the results you desire?


Do you want to elevate your sales numbers, get accepted into new markets and have an easier and less stressful experience?


Join us for an exclusive live workshop tailored to help you make $100, $200, $500 or more every market! 


This is NOT a beginner workshop - this for brands who already have a product and have been selling and want to up level up to make more money and make markets easier!  

In this power-packed 90 minute workshop, you'll learn: 

1️⃣  How farmers markets can fund your entire business and be a profit center

2️⃣ How to effortless apply and get accepted to your dream farmers markets

3️⃣ How to set better goals and expectations for the market season

4️⃣ How to maximize your sales with pricing and selling strategies

5️⃣ How to use markets for validating your business and acquiring online customers 


Don't miss this opportunity to level up your farmers market game and take your business to new heights! 


Money Back Guarantee: these workshops or courses will increase your sales or your money back. 

Get the Workshop Only


Plus you get these support materials:

  • Template for creating a great application to a market with an example
  • Planning for your successful season worksheet 
  • Sari's favorite things for farmers market toolkit 
  • Packing checklist to make market days easy!

Want the playbook for hiring and training staff with ease? Get the Farmers Market Bundle!


Farmers Market Course Bundle - Includes 2 Months in Fuel!


3 payments

  • Bonus training on hiring and training by Danny: learn how to find people, vet them and set people up for success to work markets for you with Danny.
  • Farmers Market Jumpstart course walks you step by step on launching legally and profitably at markets
  • Pricing for Profit Video + Pricing tool - know exactly what to charge to make money
  • Business Setup and Sales Taxes
  • Increase Your Sales Workshop
  • Up Level Your Markets Workshop
  • 2 Months in Fuel Membership for Group Coaching with Sari, Danny & April and 24/7 Community Feed for Q&A