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Want to go it alone? I get it. It is tempting to figure it out on your own. When you need some extra help, Food Business Success® is here! 

Check out the Food Business Success® PodcastYouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook (@FoodBizSuccess), Private Facebook Group and workshops below for a ton of great information to get you started. 


This workshop is the master cookbook you have been looking for to help you launch with confidence and less wasted time and money.

You will learn: 

  • Business Setup Recipe
  • Product Scale Up Recipe
  • Build a Brand Recipe
  • Go to Market Strategy - get on digital or store shelves or launch at a farmers market


  • Recording replay and presentation download 
  • Full startup checklist pdf

Pricing for Profit Workshop

This is the most purchased workshop I have ever created! It all starts with your cost of goods sold (COGS) and your margins in a CPG product. Start here and make sure you are starting a profitable business, not an expensive hobby. 

Includes the pricing for profit spreadsheet that will change your life!


Increase Sales at a Farmers Market

Make more money at a market with my proven strategies and mindset hacks in this 60 minute workshop!

10X Your Sales Now!

Sales Tax Workshop

There have been some big changes in how states are requiring businesses to charge sales tax and as a maker of a packaged food product, it is even more complex.

In many cases, you actually DON'T owe taxes or owe less, so stop overpaying!

I break down exactly what you need to know about your sales tax obligations to make sure you are doing it correctly.




  • What to expect when starting a farmers market food enterprise including how much it will cost
  • How to start selling at the farmers market in 4 easy steps
  • The 3 most common mistakes farmers market producers make and how to avoid them
Watch the Masterclass

Break the $1M Ceiling

Learn how VP of Sales, Doug Helbig, has taken startups into $1M+ in sales in short amounts of time. 

Watch Here

Ready to increase your direct to customer sales? 

Erica had her best month ever. She took advantage of being small and nimble and turned a crisis into opportunity that is win-win-win for her local community, other producers and her business. How you ask? Get the conversation.

Watch Here

Food Business Success Channel

Watch all the videos on my YouTube channel in one place

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