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Have you recently started a packaged food business and you're looking for other amazing resources out there to help flatten your learning curve and help you be more successful as you start or grow your business? First of all, I'd recommend subscribing to my YouTube channel where I walk you through the basics of starting a food business and give you tips and tricks all along the way. 

Recently though, I compiled a list of podcasts and some other resources that I recommend to my clients and I thought it would be great to recap some of my favorites here. These are both food industry resources as well as entrepreneurship resources, things that are going to help you be a better business owner. 

You might be wondering why on earth I'm telling you about other food industry experts. But I really have a philosophy that while I'm a food industry consultant and I help packaged food businesses,  the more that we are all contributing to this industry and the more all of us can collaborate and share our knowledge and help packaged food business entrepreneurs be more successful, that all tides are going to rise and all of us are going to be more successful. It's really my goal in life to help other entrepreneurs succeed in the food industry. 

The first podcast, I'd like to recommend is Food Biz Wiz. It's one of the latest ones to come out centered around the packaged food business industry. Her podcasts have been fantastic because she's had great guests. She's also done solo episodes, talking about certain topics and her knowledge and expertise is amazing. I was recently featured on an episode and it was so fun to do this podcast episode all about launching from an idea to an actual food product and getting started as a food brand. If you are interested in starting a packaged food business for a farmer's market, I have an awesome master class. It's free and you can learn more about it here.

The next podcast I recommend is called Edible Alpha put out by Tara Johnson. She talks with many other food brands as well as industry experts to really give you a bigger picture of what to expect in the food industry.

The next podcast is from Daniel Lowman with a podcast called Brand Secrets and Strategies. His niche in the podcast world is around when you get into larger scale retail. He focuses on everything from how you manage retail transitions well so you can compete with larger, national brands to competing with small package producers as well. He has a lot of industry experts on the show often.

Another great packaged food podcast is Real Food Brands by Katie Mleziva. Katie is a branding strategist and helps people really communicate their branding and marketing message. 


Real Food Brands with Katie Mleziva (my interview is #30)

Food Biz Wiz with Alli Ball (my interview is #17)

Edible Alpha with Tera Johnson

Brand Secrets & Strategies with Dan Lohman (my interview is #152)

The Food Business Podcast with Adam Feller

I have one more podcast resource, but I do want to share a quick note about these resources. A mistake I often see people and even my clients make is getting into a trap of dreaming and consuming information about making that dream a reality. Sometimes it feels like those resources that we consume information from is akin to taking action, but it's really just a passive way of taking in information and not actually moving you closer to the goal of making that dream a reality. And these resources aren't limited to podcasts, they could be Facebook groups or books or newsletters. So while these are great resources, don't forget to make an action plan to achieve those goals as well. 

The last podcast I love to listen to is more focused on entrepreneurship and managing your mind. This podcast is The Life Coach School by Brooke Castillo. That podcast has been a game changer for me this year. 

I highly recommend finding other podcasters who really resonate with you and your goals, but I would also limit that to a couple as part of your daily habit to help you personally develop as your business develops, but not over consuming and becoming passive in your business goals. 

Hopefully these podcast resources help you with your food business. Another great resource, I'd love to offer you is my 10 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them free PDF. This is a list of 10 common mistakes and how to get around them to make sure you're building your food business in the most sustainable way. 




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