Starting a Farmers Market Food Business

As a commissary kitchen manager and then a consultant for my local Small Business Development Center, I have met with hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs who make a family recipe, have created an alternative product to solve an allergy in their family or just have a passion for making a delicious food or beverage. They come to me with just an idea, or they googled "how to start a food business in X state" and then quickly get stuck in overwhelm and confusion.

I have been so curious as to the pain points of my clients and developed a ton of resources addressing each one. I don't want confusion or uncertainty to be the thing that stops them from realizing their dream. That said, I DO want to paint an honest picture of what to expect when starting a food business so they can make a decision to go all in on their business or just make their food or drink for family and friends as gifts (or even charge a bit). 

The reality is that starting a food business is hard. It is maybe harder than it should be. If you knitted scarves, as an example, you could be up and running with a booth at a farmers market in a week or two. It seems counter-intuitive because we all eat and it is so easy to share our goodies with friends and family. But the reality is that food is highly regulated and there are A LOT of potential pitfalls and mistakes that are made including wasting your valuable time and money.

Everyone's goals are different. Maybe you just want to have a steady second income at a farmers market , maybe you want to be a local, regional or even national brand or you want to sell your product online. Whatever your goals I always encourage all of my "just an idea" (or pre-revenue) clients to start at a farmers market if at all possible. I want you to be able to go all in on your business, but with less risk and investment than starting a large wholesale business from the start. I go into all the reasons why I love farmers market as the jumping off point for a food business startup in my free Turn Your Passion Into Profit Masterclass that you can watch by clicking here

I also find that overwhelm can be a dream killer. There is so much to do and you feel like you have to do it all at once! In the Masterclass, I break it down to four tasks that you need to focus on to create an MVP (minimum viable product) so you can start selling at a farmers market quickly. I also go over how much it will cost in both time and money so you can decide if you are ready to take the leap.

I can't cover everything in a 45 minute class, and I do think there is value in putting some dollars on the line if you decide to go all in on your business, and have created a Farmers Market Jumpstart Course that gives you all the tools and resources as well as over four hours of video to flatten your learning curve and help you avoid the mistakes I see so many entrepreneurs make. 

So if you are ready to start your Farmers Market Food or Drink Business Dream, let's get you going! Watch my masterclass or just jump right on into the course and get started today!




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