November 24, 2020

This is not your typical Thanksgiving week gratitude podcast. Believe it or not, we often use gratitude against ourselves to stay in the status quo and not go after our dreams. Instead, I give you three exercises to try to use gratitude in an active way that fuels your action and gets you past the fear and discomfort you feel when you think about starting your business. Try one of them on this week and see how it feels. I hope you feel more empowered and ready to start your business this year! 

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I'm Sari Kimbell and I've done just about everything in the food industry. I have helped hundreds of packaged food business entrepreneurs and now I want to help you make your delicious dream a reality. Whether you want to be successful at farmer's markets, online, or wholesale on the store shelves, Food Business Success is your secret ingredient. I will show you how to avoid an expensive hobby, and instead run a profitable food business. Now let's jump.

Hey, everyone, it's so great to be back for another week of the podcast. Last few weeks have been guest interviews, which I love doing. And I think there's so much great information that comes out of there. But it's fun to be back. Just me talking about some some ideas and some concepts that really help I think really help you in your journey. So today, the day the episode drops, is the week of Thanksgiving. And I've been thinking a lot about gratitude. And I want to share with you an idea that I've been thinking about and it's a little bit counterintuitive, and that I didn't want to do just a typical gratitude podcast where we're just saying, make a gratitude list and isn't this amazing. But I actually want to first start with how I actually think you're using gratitude against you. And it doesn't always serve you in the best way. And then I'm going to give you three maybe twists on gratitude. I'm going to give you three concrete ways that you can use gratitude to actually propel you forward, to help you get over your fear and move you into action. And at least a place moving forward rather than just sitting in sort of passivity.

So here's how I see gratitude, working against you. When you're trying to go after a dream-start your business- you commit, right? You get excited, you're like, yes, I'm gonna do this. And then you in immediately or shortly after, and I've talked about this on previous podcasts, that you feel fear, right? Fear comes up for you. And you're like, whoa, wait a second. One minute, I was like, all in and now I'm like, Oh, my gosh, this is really scary. All the things that I'm going to have to do in this business. What I see all the time from clients and people I get on a discovery call with is they're very excited. And then they start rationalizing in some way to stop feeling the discomfort of fear, why they should stay where they're at why they should stay in the status quo, and not go after their dreams, sort of like pack, pack the desire back into the box and try to return it to sender. So you use gratitude as a way to say, Oh, I don't need to go after my dream. I mean, my life is so good right now. I mean, my kids are healthy, or I'm in a great relationship. Or money's not an issue. I get to stay at home with my kids or I have a great job. I mean, what am I? Why on earth? Would I want to invite all of this unknown and uncertainty and doubt and confusion? Like, why don't I just stay where I'm at. I mean, I'm so grateful for my life, right? So you kind of make this gratitude list of like, why you should accept where you're at. And that is how I think gratitude does not serve you. It keeps you stuck, and you're just trying to like stuff back in that desire, that dream. And I really believe that desires are the roadmap for your destiny, they are the things that are going to help you grow into the person you're meant to be to

fulfill your potential, and you're never going to fulfill all of your potential in your lifetime. It's just not possible. But I do really believe that there is a way otherwise you would not have this desire come up. I mean, think about it. There's a lot of things that you could want and you could desire. But you don't. Right? Like, I could desire to want to run a marathon, but I don't. If I did, there would be a way for me to do that right. I would make a plan. And I would overcome my fears. But I don't, I don't have that desire. What I do have a desire for is to help other entrepreneurs to help people like yourself who have a dream and help them believe in it and themselves as much as I do. So there is a way for me to achieve that desire, to achieve that goal. So I believe if you have a desire to turn your grandmother's salsa recipe into a business, or take this recipe that you've developed by staying indoors during COVID, and you've created this amazing gluten-free bread, or this amazing jam, or it, you know, you're brewing kombucha now in your basement. Like if you have a desire to turn that into a business, and not everybody does, let's be honest, a lot of people make pretty amazing things. But they don't have any desire to start a business. But you do. That's why you're here, right? That's why you're listening to this. That's why you're going to my YouTube channel, you are trying to bring that dream to the forefront of your brain and your your mind, and you're thinking about it. So I truly believe that you would not be given that desire, if there wasn't a way to achieve it, but fear is going to come up. And I think that fear does not mean stop. I think a lot of you say fear Oh, no, that means it's bad. I'm feeling fear. That's a sign I shouldn't do this. And that is not the case. Fear does not mean stop. Fear means that you work, you build up your courage. We are given fear and we are given the ability to have courage. And so this is an opportunity when you feel fear to build up that courage muscle.

So how do you use gratitude to actually fuel you into courage, to fuel you into action, rather than using gratitude to keep you stuck? So here's the three ways that I use gratitude. And I want to encourage you, as we're going into Thanksgiving week, to just choose one of these and sit down and have a 20 minutes with yourself, give yourself that gift, and spend some time doing one of these exercises. So the first one is actually rather than creating a gratitude list, create a want list. And here's the difference. You might say, Well, what what's the difference between those two? To me, gratitude can sometimes feel very passive. It can feel like like what I was talking about earlier, like, Okay, I have a great life, I have this, I'm married, my kids, my health, etc, right? It kind of feels like you're just accepting all the things and you're trying to muster up gratitude. And you'll know the difference because it doesn't feel great. You don't like get up and think, you know, like, I'm gonna go out and do this thing. It doesn't really feel that great. So a want list is this idea of saying what are all the things in my life that I want? That I'm choosing? Right? It becomes more active, it becomes more proactive, like taking your power back. So looking around your life at the physical pieces, the emotional pieces, that the relationship pieces, and saying I choose these. And so I've done this, I did this this last weekend. And I try to incorporate this in to my morning writing, you know, maybe once or twice a month. And it's so powerful because it like I said, it really does take your power back that you are choosing these things. So start with things that you can look around you say yes, I really do want these. And then you can even start looking at the things that maybe you're like, you know, I didn't choose a pandemic. That's not what I wanted, of course.

But what are things about this pandemic that I actually want? Maybe it's the deeper relationship with my family? Maybe it's the ability to stop and take inventory and get a little bit more calm? Maybe it's like that our planet is healing environmentally? So what are the things even if you may be like on the surface, like I didn't choose that, I don't want that. But again, taking back your power to say here's some of the pieces around the pandemic or around other things that you maybe didn't choose but that you actually do want and that have served you. And then you can also start thinking about future things that you want. So it's kind of like you get into a place where like, all the things that are currently in your life, you really are saying, Yes, I want these, I choose these. And then you start adding in layering in the things that are in the future that you do want. You want that business. You want the ability to move out of fear and take action and move into courage. You want you, you see yourself making your product or selling your product. So start layering in those future things and I think you'll just, you'll feel a really different feeling than making a gratitude list just trying to accept your life as is. So that's the first thing do a want list.

The second one is to do a money appreciation list. And talking about money can be a really awkward thing. We in the US especially just do not like to talk about money. And we have such a push pull with money, right? Like, and I could do a whole other episode on on our, our attitude towards money. But it's like, we all want more money. And we all think yeah, if I just had more money, I could do this or do that. And yet, we also repel money because we have attitudes around like money's evil, or I shouldn't go into business to make money. Like, I shouldn't be asking people for money, we feel bad about it. I have a client who just like her product is priced perfect. And she just really can't accept that people would be willing to pay for her product. And she's always like, lowering her price, which kills me, I'm like, No, you have to be proud of this prize. like think about all that they're getting, the value that they're getting from your product at this current price. So stop diminishing, like the money piece and we have to get over our issues around money. And so one of the things that I love to do is make a money appreciation list. And if you think about it, you start writing down like what is possible because of money? Like money is not going to want to hang around you if you're like, no, that's scary. I don't want money. Like, you want to create a space where money is like, yeah, I want to hang out with you like you appreciate me. You're grateful for me. You celebrate me. And that's something I do with my clients. When I was talking to one I was like, She's like, Oh my gosh, I'm getting these checks in it's so fun. I was like, Yes, celebrate every single one. Like, hold that check up and be like, yes! I'm rich. Like it was just like, but some of them aren't that much. And I'm like, it doesn't matter, right? Like celebrate every dollar that comes in. Think about all the things that are possible. And I know people love to say like, Well, you know, money can't buy you love, money can't buy you experiences. But actually, if you really think about it money kind of does. Like, yes, you could go on a hike, and that's free. But money fuels the car that you drive to go get to that hike spot, even if you walk to it, money is fueling the shoes that are on your feet, and the appropriate clothing that you're wearing, and the sunscreen and the water. All the things that make it more enjoyable, right? Like, you're not going to go for a hike naked- no shoes. Money, really, when you really start writing this list, you're gonna be like, Whoa, like, money is great. Like celebrate money, let's stop shaming us for wanting money. So I love this exercise. Because two reasons; you're going to feel that gratitude and appreciation that does move you forward, and you're going to start getting more comfortable with money and welcoming it into your life. And you are going to see like, Wow, look at all the things that I get to do because of money. The car that I drive, even if of it's a crappy car, right? It may not be your ideal car, but it gets you where you want to go. And money is what's fueling the purchase of that car, the gas that's in it, the mechanic that takes care of it. So go through this exercise as a money appreciation list and start getting more happy and content with money and changing your money attitude.

All right, the last exercise and this one so powerful, is gratitude. ahead of time. And this could be on small things or this could be about your overarching desire. But this exercise will really help you fuel your forward, get you into action, move you into courage and help you make better decisions. So let's take a small thing first. So one of my clients decided to do a flash sale. And this is a way that you could use gratitude ahead of time. So as you're thinking about, should I do this flash sale? Is this going to be good? What price should it be? How many days? So you fast forward and you say, okay, when this is done, when I've done the flash sale, where do I want to be? How do I want to feel about it? What has happened? And you start giving gratitude for the people who read the email, for the people who get out their credit card and purchase, for the money that came in from that, for the gratitude of like, I get to make this product and it's serving people, and I'm providing tons of value. It'll also help you make decisions about, okay, if I do this flash sale for three days, how do I feel about that when it's done? Does that feel? Do I feel grateful for that? Or does that feel like no, not enough time or too much time? Or when you think about the offer that you're that you're giving, right? Do I offer $10 off? Do I offer a percentage off? What is that number that I feel really grateful for that feels good in my body and generates gratitude? And if it doesn't, then you might need to go back and say, Okay, what about this do I need to adjust to feel that gratitude? And then it's just really going to set you up for when it's all done like you are aligning your your energy with, here's where I am now and here's where when the flash sale is over what I'm going to feel. So you start feeling it ahead of time, you feel the gratitude ahead of time. And you can see, I hope from this example, how that would feel you into action, right? Like, you could just think about doing a flash sale. But if you spend the time really visualizing, and feeling ahead of time that gratitude, you're going to be like, okay, let's get to work. Now I know exactly what to do. And you can do that with your big dream, right? If you're sitting here and saying, I have this idea. I mean, I have people who tell me, I've been thinking about this for 10 years! I have to share my delicious product with the world! So you start thinking about in six months, in one year, in five years, what do you want to feel? What is the gratitude that you want to feel about your past self to yourself now that that is going to fuel you into action? Like, how do you see your business shaping and who are you going to become? And then thinking about fast forwarding, let's say, a year from now, the gratitude that you will feel for yourself for taking the action, for moving through the fear, for building up courage, right? So let's say you think, oh, gosh, so a year from now, I want to be have my product in manufacturing. And I am going to be spending my time doing sales to grocery stores, or I'm going to be spending my time at a farmers market or multiple markets that I love. Or I'm going to be spending my time making my product, maybe you'd prefer to make it and have somebody else do the social media or some of the other pieces of your business. So you fast forward, you say wow, like, I'm really grateful for that and you get into gratitude. And then you think about Okay, what were all the things, all the decisions that I had to make along the way,

like signing up for Food Business Success. That's one great decision that you can make for yourself that helps you immediately and you'll feel so much gratitude for yourself for actually doing it. So those are the ways making a want list, doing a money appreciation list, or spending time getting into gratitude ahead of time and being grateful to yourself now for taking that action. I am so grateful to myself, to my past self now for taking the action to do this podcast. It was really scary for me. I had a lot of fear around it. And I pulled up the courage and said, I'm going to do it anyway. Fear does not mean stop. People need this podcast. People need your product. You have to believe in it and find the gratitude that actually moves you forward. Don't use gratitude to keep you content. You will be fighting against your desire, and it'll keep coming up and keep getting stronger and you just, why not do it now? Right? get ahead of yourself and say, Yes, I'm taking back my power and I'm using gratitude to fuel me forward and take action. All right, I hope you guys have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I know this year does not probably look like previous years. But taking some time to do one of these exercises, I think is a great way to set yourself up no matter what your situation looks like this year for Thanksgiving, setting yourself up to come to this amazing place of gratitude and get going on your business. I would love to help you inside Food Business Success. Alright guys have an amazing week.

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