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I am your food industry guide to get it done for you

You  make something delicious in their home kitchen, whether it is a family recipe passed down over the years, or you created a dish that solves a problem like an allergy, or you perfected a hobby. 

Most people WON'T actually start a business.

But, you are different. You want to take on the amazing challenge of starting a packaged food business.

You are committed.

So, now what?

In addition to sales and marketing, regulations, local, state and federal licensing, testing, food safety, packaging, labels, ingredient sourcing and so many more requirements can creep in and quickly overwhelm you, or worse, squash your passion entirely.

 No one said starting a food business was easy.  

Having an industry expert as your guide in the process can help ensure that you get your business off and running correctly from the start. Depending on your goals and the talents you bring, I tailor a step-by-step strategy to get your product launched or scale up quickly to be financially profitable.



Going from a home recipe to a commercial product is more involved than you might think.

And, we need to have a path to profitability.

I help create a fully licensed, legal packaged product  whether you want to make it yourself or have it manufactured for you.

And it will be profitable. 


A great product needs an AMAZING brand to help it leap off the shelf into your customers carts.

Do you know who your target customer is? Do your customers know about your product?

I walk you through the process from start to finish with the help of my amazing graphic designers. You will have a logo and a package design you LOVE and it will all be FDA compliant.


You have a product that is safe, legal, and priced for profit AND it is wrapped in a great package and label. Now what?

Together, we design a custom Go-To-Market Strategy based on your goals to help you launch and grow to become a successful local, regional or national brand.

Become One of Them

Let's add your logo to the wall of success!

I like to say that Food Business Success™ is for bootstrapping entrepreneurs who have more time than money, but want an expert guidance. 

My 1:1 services are for people who want a full service, do it for you approach. I put my arms around the project and use all of my resources and connections to deliver results. 

I take on a limited number of projects each year. Let's finds out if it is a good fit with a free consult.



"Sari has been the most amazing support system with starting my new kombucha business here in Fort Collins! She has provided me with so many helpful tools that have helped my company idea grow into a real business! She has years of knowledge in the natural foods industry and is asset to the local community. I would highly recommend anyone to Sari Kimbell Consulting when they are thinking of starting a food-business!"

Rachael Walker
Life's a Buch

"Sari is exceptional at strategic planning and connect to the right people to promote the programs at The Cooking Studio. She is a talented in marketing, communications and social media. In addition to that, she is an excellent Chef Instructor. A very well rounded and well connected consultant!"

Trish O'Neill
The Cooking Studio

"We met with Sari as we are growing our granola startup, Just Plain 'Ola. It's difficult to navigate the food startup world, but Sari gave us invaluable advice and a path to growth. She is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. I would highly recommend Sari & Cultivate Consulting to anyone who is just starting or trying to find the next steps to grow their business."

Chris & Hannah Zwakenberg
Just Plain 'Ola

"Thank you for everything you do to assist small makers. I appreciate it beyond measure. I had so many folks come to my booth because of the bites you promoted at the CSA Fair. Again, thank you."

Erica Glaze
The Pig & Plow

"Sari is strategic and smart. She maximizes her budget and works closely to develop partnerships that work for both businesses. She consistently demonstrates a keen ability to balance inside marketing and community outreach. She is an asset to any business she partners with!"

Tania Ellis
Whole Foods Market

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