What You Need to Know: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


How long should I stay a member?

Nourish is an ongoing monthly membership. I will continue to add amazing value through workshops and special bonuses as you reach new milestones in your membership.

And you can unsubscribe at any time, but why would you!?  For only $57 a month you get live coaching calls, the VIP call and power hour each month.


How does the Absolute Money Back Guarantee work?

If after 3 months* you don’t think this is worth the value you paid, I will give you your money back.

*Must attend 75% (4) group coaching calls or submit a question if you are unable to attend AND complete the first three modules. Simply email [email protected] with feedback on why it isn't what you need and if those conditions are met, I will refund your three payments.


How do I access the group coaching calls? 

You will receive an email once you join with all of the details. An email goes out at the end of the month with the schedule of calls for the next month. There are links to add them to your calendar which we highly recommend. We use zoom and the calls are recorded and posted in the group coaching calls product in your library.


How do I make sure I get coaching on the calls? 

Submit a question to [email protected] or reply to the reminder email and I will prioritize these. 


What is VIP Status and how do I achieve it? 

When you purchase Food Business Success you get three months inside Nourish at no cost. At three months, you automatically become a VIP or you are given the option to add on VIP for a one-time $97 when you checkout. 

VIP Status gives you access to a separate VIP call that feature experts or discussion on specific topics that you can't get anywhere else. Recordings are available of all the calls for you to access as well. 


Power Hour

This is like study hall meets rapid fire office hours. Come with an outcome you want to achieve and feel the energy and accountability of the room help you get it done. Plus you can ask questions and get answers from me. These calls are typically on Mondays. A schedule is sent out at the beginning of the month.