"I got so much out of this workshop that I have forwarded to multiple mentor and peer groups I'm involved with. I sing your praises when it comes to this! Business game-changer!!!"

Queen of Hearts Hemp


BE 100% SURE YOUR FOOD BUSINESS IS PROFITABLE (or you have a path to profit)!

This is one of the most important workshops you can get that includes my pricing tool and your margin targets. This is covered by me in a 40 minute video.

Plus, if you are interested in Amazon, the second video features Shannon Roddy going over how to be profitable on Amazon. 


Here's What You Get

Lifetime access to the training plus our plug and play spreadsheet to do exactly what we walk through for your food brand!

We’ll let you in on some pricing secrets for Direct to Consumer (your website and farmers markets), Amazon and Wholesale and give valuable insight and tools to do the following:

✅  Calculate your COGS correctly (hint: most people don’t)

✅  Know your exact profit margins for every sales channel

✅  Competitive pricing formula for Amazon and other online marketplaces

✅  Maximize profitability on Amazon by creating profitable multipacks and variations

✅  Understand common Amazon and FBA Fees to avoid costly surprises

✅  How to stand out on Amazon organically using sponsored ads

✅  Know what other options besides Amazon are available and how to get noticed

Are you ready to actually make a profit on your packaged products? 

Stop making pricing mistakes for good and be confident in any sales channel you go into that you will make money! 


"If I just get on Amazon (or into more stores)...I'll make money"

If only it were that easy. There is a lot to consider and your pricing strategy is the FIRST thing to master.

Yes, food shopping behavior is changing and people are willing to make more purchases online through Amazon, another marketplace like Thrive, Bubble or Good Eggs, or on your own website.

None of this means you will make money!

We don’t want you to realize a month from now that you are actually losing money by going online.

Or you get everything listed and no sales come in.

Pricing correctly from the start is EVERYTHING and the foundation of your ability to make a profit as a packaged food brand.

Are you ready to rethink your strategy?

Or maybe you just need THE strategy handed to you. Either way, we got you.

JUST $147!


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