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Holiday Strategy Planning Part Two

Uncategorized Nov 03, 2019

The holidays are coming up and are you ready to make this holiday season count this year? I want you to be super profitable and go into the holidays with a plan so that you end the year in the black with a super successful season.

But the key to being successful for the holidays is you have to have a plan. Now. This is the best time to spend some time planning your holiday strategy. So let's get into it for the best package food advice for the season.

When I worked for Whole Foods Market, I was making holiday decisions in July and August. Don't make the mistake of scrambling at the last minute to try to put together your holiday plans. You will have already missed them. Amazing opportunities are there, but you'll miss a lot of them if you wait 'til the last minute.

So whether you are selling at markets and holiday shows or you're on the shelves of grocery stores or gift stores, I'm going to help you over three blog posts to really put together a strategy and be sure that you are setting yourself up for success, for this holiday season.

In this blog,  we're specifically going to talk about grocery stores and gift stores or other retailers, not necessarily restaurants or other food service. I really want to stress the urgency of doing this now because most buyers are making their decisions now about their holiday strategy and they're not gonna have time to meet with you and talk about getting new product on the shelf the closer it gets to the holidays.

We're going to go through my wholesale checklist. The first thing you want to do is come up with your strategy and think about different promotions you can offer to stores. This promotion has to make sense for you and your business, you don't want to lose money, but is there a way to hook them in to buy multiple cases? Do consider reaching out to them with a holiday promotion and make sure you really spell out the benefits for them. In this plan as well, you'll need to decide when they need to order, what they can order, etc. all the different details they need to know for you to sell your product. 

The second thing I want you to think about is, can you introduce a holiday seasonal flavor that's only available for a limited time? You'll get one more product on the shelf or if you can put together a great gift set that will really help drive sales.

The next thing to think about is how you can support retailers through the holiday season. These retailers are giving you valuable space on their shelves, so you need to ensure this relationship is cultivated. And as you cultivate a relationship, you can ask about getting on their demo schedule or on their showcase of different products. A part of this relationship is offering product photos to them for use on social media, featuring them on your social media, etc. 

One other way to think about supporting retailers through the holiday season - especially key accounts, is to send a card or small gift. This gesture definitely goes a long way in maintaining that relationship. 

Those are some of my tips on your wholesale holiday strategy. Be sure to check out my other blogs about holiday strategy planning. And check out the full checklist for holidays.



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